QUEDO - Surveys made easy
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Web site integration
You can now have full control on how your Quedo surveys look and behavior.
Quedo Script is an open source application that you can use to embed Quedo surveys into your website.

  • Written in PHP scripting language, full source code available
  • Multiple templates support using Smarty Template System (http://smarty.php.net)
  • Client-side survey validation system included
  • Web server software (e.g. Apache, Microsoft IIS, etc.)
  • PHP support on your web server
Click here to check out a live example of the script.

Quedo Surveys Script V 0.1.zip (Source code and example included.)
QUEDO - Surveys made easy
QUEDO - Surveys made easy
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Quedo is a Web-based tool that helps you build professional online surveys in a fast and easy way.

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